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France 3 documentary
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Au fond du puits Negrin amène ses Puritains

Avril-Juin 2010· in French

La Tribune de Genève
January 2011· in French
El bisnieto de Negrin Negrin: Macbeth à l'Opéra du Rhin

La provincia (Las Palmas)
June 2010 . in Spanish

Opera Magazine (France)
April 2010· in French
Romantiken tog humoren fra os Oi Pouritanoí ws thriler
October 2008 . in Danish
To Vyma
April 2009 · in Greek
Ich erfinde eine neue Welt Film director manqué
Leipziger Volkszeitung
April 2005 · in German
About the House
November 2004 · in English
FN, un mexicano del mundo Ovni Technoïde
October 2004 · in Spanish
Le Temps
May 2000 · in French
Opéra des Lumières Future of Opera
24 Heures
May 2000 · in French
Yorkshire Evening Post
May 1999 · in English
Fit for a Rare Treat Som Hentet fra Kafka
The Courier-Mail
September 1998 · in English
Berlingske Tindende
April 1998 · in Danish
L'opéra ne change pas la vie, tout au plus il l'élève The Front
Le Nouveau Quotidien
November 1997 · in French
HQ Magazine
Jul / Aug 1997 · in English
Beyond compare Perfect pitching
The Weekend Review
July 1997 · in English
Studio for Men
Autumn / Winter 1997 · in English
Negrin puts his spin on Hoffmann's tales Unconventional take on Hoffmann's tales
The Northern Herald
September 1996 · in English
The Australian
September 1996 · in English
FN aims to explore wide spectrum El niño de la ópera
The Australian
May 1995 · in English
El Mundo
August 1993 · in Spanish
Down Among the Divas Il monte Werther à l'opera de Nice
Gay Scotland
June 1993 · in English
Nice Matin
March 1990 · in French