As Film Editor

Music video "Slow Me" from Mudibu

Francisco edited and did the visual effects work for director Dean Loxton's music video of Mudibu's song "Slow Me"

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As Film Director

The Comet's Wake

This script was written by French novelist and photographer Laurent Theillet, and adapted by Scottish playwright Iain Heggie and Francisco Negrin to be directed by Negrin. The project is in developement.


Three Scottish teenagers alienated from their families and rejected by their peers have an unspoken alliance. In defence of this bond they cause the death of a child and flee to escape responsibility. They go on a quest for the uncle of one of the three, who accidentally brought on the death of his family several years before and withdrew from society, into the highlands. The kids believe he will understand and help them. On the road, the trio begin a new life of self discovery. The mother of one of the youths, on her own quest to find them, and through a catalysing confrontation with the uncle, goes through her own transformation.yalties and their inability to fully see their new selves close in on them. One of the teenagers dies tragically and what enfolds is a new dawn of consciousness and beauty for his friends.

Director's Intention note (fragment):

Youth is a subject always treated as either social documentary or social comedy. Recently it has been mostly "cool" entertainment. Similarly, Scotland is a setting most often treated with grit or gloss rather than elegance and lyricism. Here we have an atmosphere-driven magical-realist story, an ode to youth, to nature, to life, set in Scotland's extreme natural landscapes. A five act drama, like an ancient Greek tragedy or an ageless folk poem but in the guise of a road movie, a quirky and exciting tale of three beautiful teenagers.

My intention would be to not shy away either from the full emotional and poetic potential of the primarily internalised action, nor from its more immediate, narrative, youthful appeal but certainly to avoid social realism. The overall feel should be elegant, uplifting and lyrical, and come in at under 100 minutes.

Slow Me from Mudibu

The Comet's Wake

The Comet's Wake